Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"People ask me, How do you write a song? I tell them, It's kinda like fishing. It's mostly about being there, and, if you have a pencil when one swims by you can catch it." Arlo Guthrie

Today I looked for fishing poles. It took me awhile to find them. And then, I wondered, "How much time do I spend looking for things?" I have a trip planned for Sam (my son), Zach (a friend) and I to go fishing this weekend. But the trip is about more than fishing. Sam is soon to be 15, Zach is 18. The trip is about conversation (fishing lends itself to conversation). The conversation? Sexual purity. I Know, a heavy topic. But I feel compelled. It is time to continue the conversation I began some time ago with my son. I have asked 24 men of God, men of prayer, to stand with me in prayer that the conversation this weekend would glorify God.

As I have reflected on this issue I realized that men (myself included) are looking for something. We are looking for the real. We are looking for God. Not the god of this world but God, the I Am. And, I realized He wants to be found. So, I am going fishing with my son. I believe God will be there. The prayers of 24 men will be there.

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