Goshen Feeding Program

Goshen Feeding Program Help List

Donations:   Donations may be dropped off at Goshen Groceries anytime we are open. Our normal hours of operation are:

Monday thru Friday- 10:00 am to 6:00 pm             
Sunday- 10:30 am to3:00 pm.  

If special arrangements need to be made you may contact us by email at goshengroceries@yahoo.com or call Eddie at: 704-526-8183.
What to donate:
1.      Canned goods
2.      Dried goods:   beans, rice, flour(all purpose and self rising), sugar (white and brown)
3.      Meats
4.      Supplies:  toilet paper, soap, deodorant, diapers, laundry soap, sanitary products, dish washing detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, etc….
5.      Gift cards
6.      We are in need of freezers for our meat donations.  We have a side by side that we use for perishable donations. The freezer fills up quickly.  Someone may have one that they want to donate.
1.      When you run into a sale at the grocery store of ”buy one”and “get one free” then buy one and give away your free one.  Note: Sometimes Harris Teeter does a buy two and get three free.
2.      Good time to use coupons for give away food.
3.      You may also donate coupons. Someone in your group may be an extreme coupon collector. Their expertise in getting free merchandise with coupons would be valuable. 
4.      Donate food items in your pantry that your family won’t eat.  Someone else may like them.
5.      You may have sample items that you have purchased or been given that you are not using.
6.      You might check the dates of food that you may have stockpiled for an emergency .and donate what is going out of date rather than throw it away.

  Email Blast:
        If you would like to receive information, updates, and praise reports send us your email address at goshengroceries@yahoo.com

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