Saturday, January 22, 2011

Judy Racz

Creation Primordial Chaos
Oil on canvas
"I see the whole world as a holy place,
a reflection of the glory of an infinite, yet loving God."
Judy Racz

Inspiration is a curious thing; never sure of when it may 'show up', it is almost always welcome. Much like Jesus' descriptive language to Nicodemus in John 3, inspiration can be "like the wind." The word inspire is, after all,  from the Latin inspirare- to breathe upon or into. The works of Judy Racz inspire me.  

Here is a sample:
Gravity Waves
Mixed media on canvas

David and Jonathan Make a Pact
Oil on canvas

Transfiguration of Jesus
Oil on Canvas

Symphony No. 2, Gustav Mahler, Movement 3
Oil on canvas

Oil on linen

Oil on linen

Oil on linen

To read about Judy Racz and view more of her work go to-

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