Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life is Serious Business

     Last night I fell asleep thinking about my Hebrew teacher. Many years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. His prognosis was bleak. And so, he began to do weird things: he juiced carrots... a lot of carrots; he slept on magnets and he drank kombucha. The result? Today he is cancer free. My teacher is a highly intelligent, Godly man, fluent in Biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. His decision to pursue 'alternative' methodology was bathed in prayer and soaked in research.

     Like my teacher, I have decided to treat my cancer diagnosis seriously. Life is serious business. After prayer and research I have adopted a strict protocol. Since friends and family are curious and/or concerned about this decision, here is a partial list of my protocol:

   ...and I drink Kombucha.

     I highly recommend the following books for more information:

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