Thursday, January 9, 2014

Awakening Faith

"It might perplex us that God asks us to pray, when He knows what we need before we ask Him, if we do not realize that our Lord does not want to know what we want- for He cannot fail to know it- but wants us rather to exercise our desire through our prayers, so that we can receive what He is preparing to give us. His gift is very great indeed, but our capacity is too small and limited to receive it."
354-430 A.D.

     A well crafted sentence is a joy to read and the Early Church Fathers were master wordsmiths. Taking passages from the writings of sixty-nine Fathers of the Church, James Stuart Bell provides the reader with 366 daily readings in a new devotional titled Awakening Faith. From Ambrose to Zeno, the variety of writing style is delightful, the topics are thought provoking, and the layout and book design is exquisite. Regardless of the century each writer works from, the message is clear- truth is timeless. Awakening Faith is now one of my morning readings.

nota bene- Awakening Faith is a great gift for your pastor.

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