Wednesday, September 18, 2013

cupcakes in bed

     IT WAS AFTER 10 PM when the aroma crept into the room. My wife and I were in bed reading.

"I want one," my wife said. "You want one?"

"I've already brushed my teeth."

"Me too." She texted our daughter. Technology can be a wonderful thing. In a moment of time, two fresh-from-the-oven cupcakes were delivered to our bed. There is a child-like smile that comes from having had warm cupcakes in bed.

     Man Speak, the new book by Todd Foley, Dave Lukas and Andrew Zahn is as refreshing as eating warm cupcakes in bed... with less calories. The three authors met online, shared stories and the collection of essays that resulted remind 'us guys' that real men are unafraid to laugh at themselves. Divided into four sections, Man Speak covers topics like:

          -a critique of underwear- boxers or briefs?
          -barbers or salons?
          -fight or flight, and, why do we run?

     Reading Man Speak is like listening to a private conversation- it reeks of Man Cave honesty. Hopefully this book will inspire other men to continue the conversation.

"And what I love most about being me is that I love being responsible and child-like in the same breath. Now that's a good life."
Andrew Zahn

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