Thursday, July 4, 2013

Money- God or Gift

"I like to think of the book as
Doctrine meets Dave Ramsey..."

Jamie Munson begins his book Money- God or Gift with a question-
What are you
afraid of?

     It is a good lead question for a discussion on money, and Jamie Munson's book provides a good discussion. 

     There is a plethora of books on financial matters and the Christian genre is no exception (my first read was a book by Larry Burkett many, many years ago). So why another book on the topic? Because every generation needs a voice for their time and Jamie Munson has the voice of today. As a young (everyone seems young to me these days) pastor-turned-businessman, Jamie Munson articulates matters of personal finance in an order and manner that anyone can follow, especially young people.

     This is a great book for study groups, book clubs, and even High School classes. The format is designed for a three-week study, complete with a budget template. If you are looking for a financial study guide, Money-God or Gift is excellent.
Jamie Munson


  1. One of the most helpful exercises I've found on the sticky relationship between money and faith came years ago from Church of the Savior in Washington DC--the suggestion to write a financial autobiography. This is a spiritual discipline of sorts where you nakedly review your relationship with money, stretching back even to conditions and familial attitudes from before you were born. For me, I came from wealthy parents, became a Christian, joined an intentional community, gave everything away, and found myself ver confused. I haven't read Jamie's book, but the leading question, "What are you afraid of?" is a great place to start. The angels always tell us not to be afraid.

  2. I like the idea of a financial autobiography. I grew up middle class, became a teacher, lost worldly possessions, discovered less really can be more.