Wednesday, December 19, 2012

like petals falling...

In the aftermath of the recent school shooting in Connecticut, my friend Jacob wrote the following:

                                                                 Silence brings connection between past and present, present and future. Some have discovered and others will discover we are made for eternity. Even with this understanding, albeit shallow, our hearts still betray us. We know that death will arrive, announced for some and suddenly for others, like an unfamiliar person who shouts your name from behind. Separation is part of what we do here on this earth, but when the cause is a disconnected, mentally-ill youth, the effects are not unlike an atomic bomb; mass destruction at the center spreading outward causing additional damage in the form of anxiety, knee-jerk reactions and irrational fear. It eats away at our sense of safety and spills our faith on the floor, like petals falling from a dying flower.
                                                                                         The heart bleeds in times like this, unsure of what reaction to make. The questions to be answered are difficult and long. In the end the voices, disconnected from us suddenly, will be heard, not only in this age but in the age to come. For now, let us pour out our hearts as offering and spill our tears in the same way. We will never be okay with these acts, as they don’t fit even on this side of paradise. Now, let us lift our eyes to heaven, where are strength comes from for He died to heal our broken hearts.

Jacob Valdez

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