Monday, December 24, 2012

A Good Life

"He wanted to be buried in his orchard, beneath his favorite Apple tree."
That is what the family member said.
Rudy and I were there to place the grave marker. I don't know which is the more remarkable thought: that he wanted to be buried under his favorite tree or that he had a favorite tree?

     Since my childhood I have found solace with trees. Nothing clears my head faster than a walk in the woods. Perhaps if our politicians took walks our government would be different.

     Last night, as I considered the man buried in his orchard, I wondered about his life, if in his last days he wondered about his life. What is a good life? Friends, purpose, peace, contentment, and consistency are elements of a good life. Not merely having needs met but the ability to help others is also part of a good life. Perhaps a good life is like the fullness that comes from having had an excellent meal. With an excellent meal there is:



an aesthetic aspect

different courses

elements of surprise
(the known blended with the unknown)

and, dessert
(ending with the taste of sweetness)

     Perhaps, at the conclusion of the matter, it can be said by all present, "Something of more than ordinary significance occurred here."

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