Thursday, August 27, 2009


“For love is exultant when it unites equals, but it is triumphant when it makes that which was unequal equal in love.” 

SÇ¿ren Kierkegaard

“You can tie two polecats together by their tales and throw ‘em over a fence- they’re together, but they don’t have unity!” 

Julius Washington

The Lord reminded me of something that happened in Memphis, years ago. I was in Midtown pumping gas into my car when a homeless man walked up and asked, “Clean your windshield?” “I don’t have any money.” I said. “Oh, it doesn't  always have to be about that!” And, with a bottle of cleaner and crumpled newspaper, he cleaned my windshield. As he walked away, he said, “God Bless you, brother!” An unemployed, homeless man blessed me, an employed homeowner. He saw a need (my windshield was filthy) and he took care of it. As I thought about that my mind went to John 3:30, one of my life verses, and I realized- There is still a lot of Me in me! 

I hear talk of a second reformation- a time for the Church to be the Church. Perhaps the Church needs an

Armistice Day; a time for individual factions to meet on common ground at the foot of the Cross. It would, of course, have to begin with me.

Inscription dated Easter 1922
The New Testament, A New Translation by the Reverend Professor
James Moffatt, D.D., D. Litt.

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