Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back To School

"The line between reality is my door."
John Baldessari

Back to school... the words bring new crayons to my mind, the big box with the built-in sharpener. There is something beautiful about a new box of crayons. Perfectly flat tops. Pristine paper labels. That 'waxy' smell when you first open the box. The creative possibilities of pigment and paraffin are enormous. Of course, Crayola makes the best. No other crayon even comes close. Ask any kid.

The past couple of years have been like going back to school, with every day being the first. That's how it is in the life we call walking with God. His school is filled with surprises, excitement, drama, tension. His creative possibilities are new and fresh. He is a good teacher. And, He doesn't mind repeating a lesson until I get it. (His patience astounds me). Recently I've had a couple of 'aha' moments, the moment in time when the light bulb comes on and I get it. Here's one of my aha's- God has entrusted all of us with precious gifts called time and imagination. I want to be a good steward, of both. I'm working on it. Yesterday I walked to WalMart and bought a box of crayons.

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  1. My favorite was Cornflower Blue, as much for the name as the color..I felt truth, goodness, and a little magic as I contemplated with my young mind that color, that name. Thanks for the memory. I hope you and yours are well.