Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Story of Light and Darkness

"...when the words mean even more than the writer knew they meant, then the writer has been listening. And sometimes when we listen, we are led into places we do not expect, into adventures we do not always understand."
–Madeleine L'Engle

     T W Carter has been listening, and she has shared the story in her new book Curio. Part I, in a series of three books, Curio is an epic fantasy story that draws the reader into a realm of supernatural intrigue, raising questions that challenge the reader's paradigm of good and evil. The forces of darkness are confronted by the 'first day child' Curio as he begins life by asking the simple question, "Why?" 

     Curio will captivate your imagination, lead you into places you do not expect, and reveal an adventure that is certain to become a classic. I highly recommend this book to everyone, young and old, who is curious about the supernatural realm–a topic that is more prevalent in today's culture than ever before.

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