Friday, June 5, 2015

Truth in Art

   Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” 
Men still ask the question.

   Jesus said, “I am the truth.” When I think and act in accord with Him, I am ‘being’ truth.

   Recently, my wife asked me, “How can art be an act of war?” My first thought was, “By being truth.” I think what I meant was- by speaking and revealing truth.

   It is a fearful thing to make art, to show others the child in you. Innocence revealed is convicting, exposing lost things. Jesus said, “Unless you become like a child you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” These are hard words to hear in a world forever crying, “Grow up!”, but the man who can be a child can exhibit truth… with joy born of wonder, with peace rooted in love.

   I am surrounded by paintings in my office, most of them painted by my wife. They were painted from a place of authenticity, from an attitude of prayer, from a desire that arises from a place of rest and hope. The paintings vary in style, revealing the dimensionality of the artist. Humans are multi-faceted vessels with areas that surprise, delight, and, at times, dismay the carrier. Through the process of making, the maker embraces discovery and the child inside awakens. As I look around my office, as I ‘look’ into the paintings of my wife, I see the child in my wife, I see the truth in my wife. Truth revealed. Truth displayed.

   The element of surprise is placed within the human heart and surprise sprouts the tender root of joy when the child within is stirred. Stir the child. Awaken wonder. Be the truth the world needs to see… make art. 

One wall in my office

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