Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Night I Had a Dream- A Book Review

"...God is pursuing you all the time, even in your sleep."
Last Night I Had a Dream

     Every once in a great while, I read something I know is important for me. After I finished reading Last Night I Had a Dream I had to read it again, but this time with pen in hand... there was circling and underlining to be done (Mortimer Adler calls it "active reading"); there were points and observations I had to "agree with" in ink. 

     Jaimee Bingle is a wordsmith. In Last Night I Had a Dream, her second book to date, Jaimee provides the reader with something better than answers: good questions.

     Here is a snapshot of Last Night I Had a Dream:
  • Dreams, Visions and Trances- What's the difference?
  • Dreams in Scripture
  • 7 Reasons why you should pay attention to dreams
  • Sources of Dreams
  • Questions to ask

     Last Night I Had a Dream is a book you could read in one sitting, but you won't want to. If you've ever wondered about your dreams, I recommend you read this book, slowly.

And have a pen in hand.

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