Monday, December 1, 2014

Two Questions

Ten Tubes of White

My response to two questions posed by Greg Card, Advancing Art Team Leader:

1. Who are you?
   I am a mystery… the son of a father, the father of a son, and, a friend of God. As a son, a father, and a friend, I am captivated by a love I do not understand- and yet it is a love I embrace. The One who calls me ‘friend’ directs my steps, and, I pray, my brush. It is from this place of mystery I answer the second question.

2. Why are you making art?

   Purpose has been in my thoughts for decades- the underlying issue of motivation. When I was a child, the act of drawing was elemental (as I suppose it is with all children) and without motivation. It was more an act of ‘release’, a letting go of something inside. I understand slightly more now what is being released.  And so, it is from a childlike place I make art… from the joy found in ‘seeing’ the work of my hands to the knowing I have been a participant in the process of creativity. When I make art from a place of authenticity, when I allow the Maker God to direct the ‘made me,’ purpose is made manifest.

Oil on Corrugated

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