Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Poem by Debby Topliff

photo by Debby Topliff

 I spy you, forsythia
Spring's brilliant clarion call
As winter silenced desolation
Yellow now trumps gold
Bare bark backdrop
Carpet of green
Lift your head, O death
Life comes again

 Rose breasted grosbeak
Tawny clad mate
Woodpecker, robin
Goldfinch and geese
Iris spears ascending
Fern heads unfurling
Squirrel chirp and bird song
Adorning heaven's gate

Fragile pascal season
Turning with the wind
Pointing to the promise
Rebounding in the rain
Earthworms and bumblebees
The strife of last year's weeds
The aging race continues
Fruit is on its knees

Praying for an opening
For vision beyond flesh
Singing for the harvest
Of seeds still lost in earth
Be kind O surgeon
Work gently with your knife
Spare the latent goodness
Restore this sinner's sight

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On Thursday, May 8, Debby will undergo eye surgery. Please keep her in your prayers.

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