Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walking Through Shekhinah

Perspective Formula
(experiences, over time, equals perspective)

   "I think you will like this...", her email began. A parent of one of my students sent me a link-

Several years later I still read the Monday Morning Memo, every Monday morning. Often I forward bits of wisdom from Roy H. Williams, the founder of Wizard Academy, a non-profit organization that teaches advertising, writing, and a host of other disciplines, to friends. The Memo on November 4, 2013 stopped me in my tracks... the headline read-

What's Been Your BEST Bad Idea?

When I read that headline I instantly thought of something my wife and I once attempted- opening a Classical Christian School. After a pause that seemed to last a week, I read the rest of the Memo. Roy Williams is having a contest- Make a video that describes your BEST Bad Idea and the lessons learned. 

So, here is the video my wife and I created-


Let me know what you think. My email is-

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