Friday, December 27, 2013

final thoughts


   Time is a curious thing. I hear a clock ticking... but that is not time. I see the calendar on the kitchen wall... but that is not time either. Time is our invisible constraint, silently provoking and enticing us... binding and releasing us... gears and galleys of clocks and calendars forever in motion.

     Frederick Buechner said, "We tend to think of time as progression, as moment following moment, day following day, in relentless flow, the kind of time a clock or calendar can measure. But we experience time also as depth, as having quality as well as quantity- a good time, a dangerous time, an auspicious time, a time we mark not by its duration but by its content."

   Here, at the end of a time called 2013, are my random journal entries... thoughts I liken to the crumbs in a basket of fish and chips- small with no nutritional value, yet I hate throwing them away. Feel free to use them as you will.

Laughter is often the best defense.

The only option for objects deemed 'priceless' is a transfer of stewardship.

The companion of loneliness is forgetfulness and neither should be entertained.

'Soon' is a short word with relatively long implications.

Perhaps 'beginning' is the contraction for 'begin being'

The paradox of art- execution brings life!

Do squirrels experience hiccups?

The only word larger than 'all' is 'I'

Light is offensive... it does not ask the darkness for permission to enter.

Don't bring a pig to Passover.

Making art restores the joy of child-likeness.

 and finally,

Which direction is forward?


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