Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rule of Thirds

Excerpt from John Thomas Smith's illustrated book, Remarks on Rural Scenery,
published in 1797 defining a compositional "rule of thirds"

     In visual composition there is something known as The Rule of Thirds. The rule operates under a principle Calvin Seerveld calls, "aesthetic obedience." By dividing the composition into a grid of thirds, the artist 'leads' the viewer to a desired point, creating a common ground... a meeting place to rest.

     It seems that, as a culture, we have applied the Rule of Thirds to life:

1/3 Work (8 hours)
1/3 Free (8 hours)
1/3 Rest (8 hours)

Obviously, the breakdown is a simplification but a breakdown of sorts remains- most of us lead divided lives.

Compartmentalized lives is what we carry; a triune lifestyle resembling a chest of drawers. 'A place for everything...' Neat. Tidy.

     Maybe our lives should be more like coffee tables; a place where everything is available, but in layers:

entertaining stuff
contemplative stuff
beverages, remote controls...

a 'common ground' for friends and family.

A coffee table also makes a nice footrest.

 Looking Through the Window Near Our Coffee Table
by m r carter

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