Thursday, November 28, 2013

Making Visible Words

     William Hazlitt said, "There is a feeling of Eternity in youth..." Perhaps that is why youth returns when we make art; we participate in something that extends beyond us. I have observed a curious thing- give a group of serious-minded business people watercolors and in a matter of moments the surrounding atmosphere will shift... giggles may even be heard. The making of things brings a mysterious joy into the moment, a joy reserved for child-likeness.

     Art is a conversation that, as Suzanne Farrell puts it,
"reminds us how good life can be." 

     I was raised by God-fearing parents who lived out their faith. At an early age I began reading the Bible and discovered something that, for many years, has determined the direction of my art:

Words, rightly ordered, strike a ring of truth that awaken the Soul. 

     And so, I paint The Word. As I read Scripture I wonder, "how would I visualize what I am reading?" The literal words, Hebrew or Greek, are integral to what I sketch. Here are a couple of recent thoughts made visible:

Concept Sketch
 Isaiah 28:16
In Progress
Watercolor and Gold Leaf

Concept Sketch
Hiram's Capital
 Bordered with Hosea 14:5
 Clay, Paint, and Gold Leaf
     I would be honored to make an original work of art for you, whether it be a personal piece for your workspace or prayer closet, or a large center piece for your family room. I could 'make visible' your favorite Scripture, bordered with the original language, in watercolor, oil, ink, or a giclee tradigital image.
Let's begin the conversation. 
Lately, my wife and I have been receiving requests to place our art on Church bulletins. Here are a couple:
Let me know if your church is interested in our art as well. You can contact me at-


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