Thursday, August 8, 2013

American Beauty

American Beauty
Photographed outside Dollar Tree
with Samsung's Intensity II Cell Phone
5 August 2013

"Art is serious play."
Paul Klee

     Truth is beautiful and ugly. Yesterday I noticed an ash can as I waited for a store to open; it seemed to be saying something, so I took its statement with my communication device- I call it American Beauty. Our culture gives beauty a fluid definition.

     The beauty of art lies within itself. Humans make things: for pleasure, for necessity, for income... the reasons have this in common- we make things because we can and we can because we contain the breath of God. The word inspiration comes from the Latin spero- I breathe.

     For one of the paintings in my current series, I have been looking for mud- the soft, squishy kind that children take delight in. The painting is called Earthy

source photo taken by my Son, Samuel

Earthy is about God making Adam- the supreme work of art. But for God to make man, He had to get His hands dirty, or rather, earthy. Art is a messy business.

      Art is also a lucrative business. According to ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters) art sales for 2012 exceeded $60,000,000,000. Yes- Sixty Billion.

This week Amazon announced they are in the art business.

Amazon Art offers original art starting at $10.00 and capping at $4.85 million... something for everyone. But you won't find American Beauty by m r carter listed. 

     On a somewhat more serious note- I am excited to be painting again. I have twenty paintings in progress- The Wrinkled Up With God Exhibit, inspired by a thought I mentioned in a previous post (click here to read). The paintings will appear in posts as the work progresses. For now, here are a couple in progress-


 The Seed

In the meanwhile, if you would like a signed print, suitable for framing, of American Beauty contact me at

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