Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection Day

But Jesus said,
"Why are you so frightened?
Why do you Doubt?
Look at my hands and my feet
and see who I am."
Luke 24:38,39

The hands and feet of Jesus reveal everything we need-
proof that the debt of our sin has been paid.
We have nothing to fear.

"We are the people of the Resurrection.
Let's be that."
Todd Komarnicki


  1. This picture speaks in a quiet moment of the heart. With humility and open yet healed wounds, Christ engages His bride. The cost of the ring is clearly revealed in an unassuming evident and eternal mark. He lets us know His wounds and is not so proud as to keep them to Himself. He has earned His longed for one, His cherished bride. What value are we to Him! - Shira