Saturday, December 29, 2012

loose ends...

Samuel and me,
playing our Stringer guitars
handcrafted by Hulon Stringer

... here, at the end of days, there are loose ends... random journal thoughts, homeless expressions of a wandering mind... may they find a home in you...

     Unanswered Questions:

Is my faith an event or a lifestyle?

From which perspective do I relate to best- 

     from below the horizon or from above? 

Am I pushing walls outward or pulling walls inward?

Is there an aspect of honor contained within generosity?

What are my students actually learning?

What does 'making a living' mean?

Am I on par with a broken clock- true twice a day?

If I were a font, would I be serif or sans-serif?

How can a person be heard if they haven't found their voice?

Is shame a consequence or an attachment?

Understand God? I don't understand me!

     Bits and Pieces:

My needs give other believers the opportunity to be the Body of Christ. Why am I uncomfortable with that?

In the natural realm, sight precedes sound.

Before a word can be spoken, it must first exist. Speaking lends breath to the thought.

Truth is easier to chew when you are smiling.

Sometimes I feel I am a piece that fell from a puzzle box. 

Mistakes leave scars.

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