Friday, November 23, 2012

Grace by Max Lucado

"More verb than noun,
more present tense
than past tense,
grace didn't just happen;
it happens."

Max Lucado
Grace- More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine

      Reading a book by Max Lucado is like bumping into an old friend, and Grace is no exception. If there is one concept that transcends time and culture it is grace. As Max Lucado puts it:

"Grace is God's best idea." 

Grace is also one of Max's best. By way of personal stories, confessions and historical events, Max Lucado draws a portrait of God's kindness. The word that best describes this book is honesty, from the beautiful dedication he gives his wife to the End Notes. And, as a bonus, the book includes a Reader's Guide for personal and small group discussion.

     Max begins Grace at street level, meeting the reader face-to-face, without condescension. As he weaves scripture into the conversation, the reader is challenged to continue at a pace that allows time for reflection. It is in the re-telling of Bible stories that Max Lucado displays the finesse of a true wordsmith. As he recounts the story of the woman caught in adultery, Max writes this about Jesus:

'He's prone to stoop. He stooped to wash feet, to embrace children. Stooped to pull Peter out of the sea, to pray in the Garden. He stooped before the Roman whipping post. Stooped to carry the cross. Grace is a God who stoops. Here he stooped to write in the dust.'

     The characters continue as the lineup includes Barabbas, Moses, Ruth, Joseph and Simon Peter, all leading to the character of the hour- You, the reader. 

     Whether you claim the name of Christ or not, Grace is for everyone... because we all need grace.

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