Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet Gum

     I looked up and saw a rounded leaf, surrounded by pointy members of the community. Sweet Gum leaves are sharp, but this leaf was not. My first thought was, 'It must be from another tree, attempting to join a new group.' 

     It was not.

     My second thought- 'I will capture the one that is different and press it in a book.' Isn't that what we do with the different ones of the world.

     But, I did not. 

     Instead I captured the leaf with a camera.

     Every day I feel more like that leaf.

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  1. So many thoughts. The leaf speaks.

  2. Nice. Let it grow and others can see it both there and through your picture of it. Great perspective. May God do that with me too.

  3. and thank you for letting your uniqueness inspire two of our kids.