Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grateful for Solitude

     Life is best lived in the present. Today I fixed a toilet, outlined a book proposal, read a few articles, cleaned and filled Harry's litter box, watched a film clip of Monet painting and listened to a Patsy Cline album. My wife and daughter were out and about, having a Mother-Daughter day. My son was out with friends. Today was, for me and Harry the cat, a day of solitude. And I am grateful. Picasso said, "Without great solitude, no serious work is possible."

     The correct answer to a difficult math problem is a thing of beauty, even to those of us who aren't aware of what we are seeing. But few care to see the process; the pages of formulas, mistakes, numbers... and, so it is with art. Much of the process requires solitude. Countless hours spent with pencil and paper, palette and brush; the artist's due diligence, seen by none but God. R.O. Blechman put it this way,

     " trash basket is full of false starts and failed beginnings. Only after much work does a drawing become right."
Dear James, Letters to a Young Illustrator

 Today, as I was afforded time to make a few things right, I remembered that life is lived while fixing toilets and cleaning litter boxes. A good day. Here is an amazing video that also reminds me 'It's a Good day.'

And, here is Monet in his garden-

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