Sunday, December 18, 2011

Year-End Words

Random Thoughts to close the year
or- stuff I've chewed on
from 2011 journals

When you fall, anything 'grabable' will do.

Possibilities abound when you are no longer bound by the possible.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
how many pictures is the Word worth?

A real man
is humble,
pays attention to loved ones,
provides for and protects loved ones,
gives more than he takes,
learns from his father,
admits mistakes,

The Lord provides, and He tends to do it through people.

We enter this life crying and wailing,
we should leave singing and rejoicing.

Our words are a powerful gift,
yet we spend them carelessly, cheaply.

Hebrews 3:15 says-
"Today if you hear His voice..."
As I read those words I 'saw':
Today- always present
if- always possible
you- always personal

True repentance is the ultimate honesty.

An artist lives in two worlds at the same time-
the one inside his head and the other one.

Sometimes art is inconvenient.

Inside every man is a little boy
who longs to hear his father say, "I love you."

All the determination and will power in the universe
cannot force a red-light to become green.

Laundrymat realization-
Underwear is not essential to life, but it is nice.

Checkbook realization-
There is a specific stomach sickness reserved for
the realization of a checkbook error.

Truth does not depend on whether we believe it
(or, agree with it).

and finally, practical wisdom-

A man should not peel a hard-boiled egg while driving on a busy freeway.
That is a task reserved for quiet, country roads.

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