Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Face, A Book and a friend

The Most Powerful Button in the World

 I have 485 friends. I know because I just checked my Facebook. Of course, I've never met some of them. When I was in High School I could count my friends on one hand. On the other hand, well, things were different then. My 'friends' sat with me at the same lunch table. The word 'friend' was more often a noun than a verb. I certainly couldn't 'add' (or remove) a friend with the click of a button. Not long ago I received two friend requests, both from former High School classmates. One request was from the least popular girl in my class, the other was from the most popular (my perspective). I don't remember ever speaking to either. Thanks to Facebook, the great leveler of humanity, I can now be 'friends' with both. 

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  1. This comments ties to one of your other posts, the six-word sentence that tells a story. How about "I found you again through Facebook." As one of your high school friends, I had lost track of you. But these many years later, I "found" you again. I am awed and honored to see the man you have become, and I welcome the chance to call you still my friend.