Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pine Cones in a Sycamore Tree

Sixteen Candles
Photo by
Teresa West Carter

My youngest child is sixteen. Sixteen years of yesterdays.
Where did they go?

Hanging over our deck are the branches of a Sycamore tree. Zaccheus would have difficulty climbing this one. A Muscadine vine has taken residence in the branches, dropping grapes onto the deck for Harry the cat's entertainment. There is something else in the branches, something odd; pine cones. I first noticed them a few months ago. Pine cones in a Sycamore tree. As I pondered this anomaly, I looked higher and discovered that a Pine tree towers above the Sycamore. So I wonder, am I the Sycamore, the pine cones or the muscadine?

Sometimes I have odd thoughts. 

I suppose. And yet, into this life some pine cones must fall.
Happy Birthday, Emma.
Watch out for the pine cones.


  1. anomaly and surprise, wonderful combination.

  2. What a lovely post. I remember when Emma was just a little thing, prancing around our back yard after school!