Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sam playing my Stringer

Sam's Strat signed by Leigh Nash

Gilbert Arland

Recently, one of my students suggested I mount a refrigerator door on the art room wall. "You can hang all the 'crappy' pictures on it with magnets" he said. In a world steeped in mediocrity there is, I suppose, a multitude of 'crappy' pictures. But, in an ongoing effort to promote young artists producing good work, pieces that hit the 'bulls-eye', it is with great pleasure I feature the work of my youngest son, Samuel Christian Carter.

Sam is a true warrior poet, defender of the oppressed (I have witnessed him step between small peers and large ones, ending fights with a glare). He loves music (currently being privately tutored on guitar by Luke Skaggs, son of music legend Ricky Skaggs, thank you Luke!!), writing poetry and painting. Fives times Sam's work has been named Watercolor of the Day in Teen Ink, an online magazine for teens. At Trinity, Sam's school, he is editor of InkVein, the school literary magazine. He is frequently asked by his youth leader to speak to the youth, sharing things that God is doing in his life. On several occasions he has worked on paintings in front of the church congregation and last week a lady purchased the painting produced that night. He is an amazing young man. I am blessed to call him son.

And he has only been on the planet sixteen years.

I look forward to seeing all that God has planned for him.

These are a few of the pieces produced to date.

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