Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter morning!
My daily reading of the Psalms led me to Psalm 34, an acrostic psalm. A comment from my interlinear version says, "David conquered despair by composing this alphabetical hymn, to show that our every faculty, from aleph to tav, should be dedicated to God."

I am no David, but, here is my alphabetical hymn-

Abundantly, the goodness of God surrounds me.
Breathing reminds me of this, for breath itself comes from the Lord.
Comforts of this world do not compare to the comforter of my soul.
Desires and dreams find their home in Him.
Enveloped am I by the Lover of my soul.
"Friend", He calls me!
"Go, make disciples" He tells me.
Hearing His voice heals and helps me.
'In His grip' will be the ending to my letters.
Joy comes to me in the mornings.
Kaleidoscopic is His kindness.
Love, the love of God, defies my explanations.
Mindful of my concerns, He who made me leads me.
Needless are my worries.
Other gods call to me.
Pleasing is the heart-cry aroma that ascends to the Lamb of God.
Quietly, breeze-like, the Voice of the Lord accomplishes His purpose.
'Redeemer' is a banner over my Rescuer.
'Salvation' is His name.
Truth is defined by Him.
Under the shadow of the cross live the redeemed.
'Victory In Jesus' is the Mission Theme.
Waiting and wrestling are my pastimes- the Lord seems to enjoy a good wrestling match.
X is the shape of a carried cross.
Yielded to Christ is my stance.
Zion's mountains soar with delight for the Lord God, King of the universe, Who Was, and Is, and Is To Come!

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