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March/April 2010

"Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour."
Giotto di Bondone

Horizons, The Magazine For Presbyterian Women requested the use of one of my wife's paintings, I Am Not A Tourist Attraction, to be featured in the Mar/Apr issue. The focus of the issue is Human Trafficking, a crime against humanity that the United Nations Population Fund states could count as high as 4,000,000 souls.

When we lived in Memphis, Terri organized an art exhibit in a midtown gallery to raise awareness of human trafficking and to benefit the International Justice Mission. Shortly thereafter she was named Abolitionist of the Week by Not For Sale Campaign, another organization striving to end trafficking and human slavery. Some might ask, "Why use art?" Paul Gauguin said, "Art is either plagiarism or revolution." Webster defines revolution as a sudden, radical, or complete change. Art causes change. Good art can cause radical change. Images have a way of going deep. Some art has even caused revolution.

by Teresa West-Carter

I teach young people the history of art. The stories behind the paintings always intrigue me. Here is part of the story behind I Am Not A Tourist Attraction by Teresa West-Carter, my bride-
Several years ago while meditating on the book of Joel, Terri began a season of lament; she mourned the plight of the abused and the helpless. One day she envisioned a father holding a lifeless child, a picture of tragedy, surrounded by newspaper and magazine clippings of injustice and cruelty. As she collected actual clippings, one of the faces haunted her; the face of a little girl trapped in the sex slave trade stared back at her. The picture of that little girl caused a revolution in my wife's art.

The Death of Innocence

In the painting Lamentations, the father is supported by the hands of God. As Terri was looking at the painting, still on the easel, the Spirit of God said, "It's not finished. Paint My promises on My hands."


And so, a picture of a little girl led to a series of paintings- one of which is I Am Not A Tourist Attraction.

I Am Not A Tourist Attraction
available as a print from
Not For Sale Campaign

all proceeds go to Not For Sale

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